Food Heroes: Sixteen Culinary Artisans Preserving Tradition

In Food Heroes, Georgia Pellegrini introduces readers to the lively stories of artisanal food devotees such as New York mushroom forager Marion Burroughs, French fig collector Francis Honore, fish missionary Jon Rowley in Washington State, and Ugo Buzzio in New York City, one of the last makers of traditional dry-cured sausages in the United States. Filled with colorful anecdotes, photographs, and recipes, this book offers an accessi...

New Art of Cookery

Winner of the Jane Grigson Trust Award 2017 and the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy’s 2017 Prize for Research New Art of Cookery, Drawn from the School of Economic Experience, was an influential recipe book published in 1745 by Spanish friary cook Juan Altamiras. In it, he wrote up over 200 recipes for meat, poultry, game, salted and fresh fish, vegetables and sweet things in a chatty style aimed at readers who cooked on a modest bud...

Best Food Writing 2011

Food writing has exploded in the past decade; nowhere else is it as easy and enjoyable to catch the trends, big stories, and upcoming stars than in the annual Best Food Writing collection. From molecular gastronomy to the omnivore's dilemma, from meat-free to wheat-free to everything goes, there's something for every foodie in this acclaimed series. Best Food Writing 2011 once more authoritatively and appealingly assembles the finest...

Schlank im Schlaf - Das Kochbuch

Sie leben nach diesem Prinzip und sind auf der Suche nach neuen Rezepten? Das Schlank-im-Schlaf-Kochbuch hat sie: Rezepte mit dem perfekten Nährstoffmix, zum gesunden und einfachen Abnehmen. Egal ob Sie berufstätig sind, wenig Zeit zum Kochen haben, oder die gesamte Familie zum Schlemmen am Tisch sitzt. Ob süss der herzhaft, mit unseren zahlreichen Frühstücksideen starten Sie gesund in den Tag. Für Abwechslung sorgt der bewährte Früh...

The World's Best Spicy Food (Lonely Planet)

Discover the wide world of spice. One word, a million different thrills. Lonely Planet Food, the world's leading travel publisher's new food imprint, delivers the world's most tastebud-tingling flavours direct to your kitchen. Travel can transform your cooking, exposing you to new mouth-zinging ingredients that you may not have even heard of before. But, when there is so much world to explore in terms of food, The World's Best Spicy ...

Vegetarian Heartland: Recipes for Life's Adventures

Showcasing the heartland dishes we all love made vegetarian, this cookbook provides a literal and visual feast of creative, generous cooking that's born in the traditions of the Midwest but transcends geographic boundaries. Celebrated photographer and blogger Shelly Westerhausen presents 100 wholesome, meatless recipes for everything from drinks to desserts. Thoughtfully organized by the adventures that make a weekend special—picnics...

Veggiyana: The Dharma of Cooking

The kitchen is the most vital place on Earth, because survival, even now in the age of iPads and large hadron colliders, still depends on wholesome, nutritious food. In keeping with this simple truth Veggiyana provides 108 tasty, beloved and simple recipes from around the world. And generously sprinkled throughout--like the perfect blend of herbs and spices are morsels of time-tested wisdom on how to live a life that nourishes both b...

Pains gourmands : 50 recettes simples et créatives

Si la boulangerie a occupé une très grande partie de mon existence, c'est seulement l'enseignement de la panification qui m'a fait mesuré le plaisir et le sentiment de fierté que l'on éprouve quand, pour la première fois, on voit ce que l'on obtient avec simplement de la farine, de la levure, de l'eau et du sel. La fabrication de pain n'a rien de mystérieux et on ne naît pas boulanger, c'est à la portée de chacun. Avec ce livre, j'ai...

Analytical Methods for Food and Dairy Powders

Food and dairy powders are created by dehydrating perishable produce, such as milk, eggs, fruit and meat, in order to extend their shelf life and stabilise them for storage or transport. These powders are in high demand for use as ingredients and as food products in their own right, and are of great economic importance to the food and dairy industry worldwide. Today, the ability to control food and dairy powder quality is a source of...

Thermomix-Rezepte ...so lecker und einfach

NEU hochwertiger Offset-Druck in Farbe einfache und leckere Rezepte mit normalen Zutaten welche man im Haus hat DinA5-Heftung mit 24 Seiten kein Original Vorwerk Inhaltsverzeichniss: Allgemeine Tipps und Tricks Obatzter natur Schinken - Frischkäse - Aufstrich Griechischer - Brotaufstrich Erdäpfel - Käs Eiercreme Türkischer Obazda Pizzabrötchen Schnelle Pizza Italienischer Kräuteraufstrich Käsesalat Farmersalat Blaukrautsalat mit Senf...